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Сегодня: 02 08 2021  

Главная » ATTENTION AUTHORS » Submission, peer review and publication of scholarly articles

The «Business and Law» («Hoziaistvo i pravo») Journal


 submission, peer review and publication of scholarly articles


1. The current policy sets forth the rules and procedures for submission, peer review and publication of scholarly articles applicable to the «Business and Law» («Hoziaistvo i Pravo») Journal (hereinafter, «Journal»).

2. The Editorial staff of the Journal accepts for consideration scholarly articles on juridical matters (fields of science researches 12.00.00) reporting the results of scientific studies, analysis of legislation and judicial practices, as well as articles in the following areas:

  12.00.03 Civil law, entrepreneurial law, family law;
    International private law;

  12.00.04 Finance law, tax law, budjet law;

  12.00.05 Labor law, public benefits law;

  12.00.06 Land law, natural resource law, environmental law;

  12.00.07 Corporate law, energy law;

  12.00.13 Information law;

  12.00.14 Administrative law, administrative procedure;

  12.00.15 Civil procedure, arbitration.

3. Consistent with Art.1286 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (CC RF), a copyright agreement regarding the right to use a work of authorship by periodicals must be reached orally. In the event of publication of an author’s work in the «Business and Law» Journal, the author is presumed to grant to the publisher an exclusive license to use the work under the brand and trademark of the “Business and Law” Journal, wherein use includes publication in the Journal (or supplement), electronic reproduction in the Journal’s and/or supplement’s database, and dissemination of the work ( CC RF Art.1235, 1236 and 1286). The exclusive license shall be valid for one year from the date of publication of the work in the corresponding volume of the Journal/supplement. Publication in the Journal assumes the timeless right of a gratuitous use of the published work in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and also in electronic form in the journal's database.

4. Final decision regarding publication in the Journal lies with the Editorial Board.
The Editorial board will not consider materials that have already been published or have simultaneously been submitted by author to publishers other than the “Business and Law” Journal. The agreement to transfer exclusive rights and confirmation that the article meets the designated requirements must be submitted in writing.

5. Articles shall be accepted for consideration upon submission of the following information: author’s citizenship, full name, residential address (including zip code), where the author’s copy of the volume may be sent (if desired), phone number, e-mail address, current place of employment, position. The author consents to the processing of personal data.

6. The article and required information may be submitted by e-mail or mail.

7. The authors are expected to provide:

  - the article abstract in the bulk no more than 500 symbols with gaps both in Russian and English;

  - the key words in the bulk no more than 100 symbols with gaps both in Russian and English;

  - the bibliography is to be given at the end of the article with the references for the sources (the number of the source in the bibliography list must be given in the text in brackets, the bibliography list is composed in the order of mentioning or citing, not alphabetical).

8. Requirements for the manuscript submission:

  - letter «ё» ought not to be used;

  - date, month and year should be written as follows: 14.07.1999; 02.12.2007;

  - if the number of the judicial act, order, decree or other documents is mentioned, please, write «№», not «N»;

  - the words «statement», «decree», «order», «resolution» should be written beginning with a small letter;

  - the quotation marks should be given as follows « « » ».

9. Articles submitted to the Editorial staff and relevant to the scope of the Journal are subject to peer review. Peer reviewers are prominent legal scholars - the members of the Journal's Editorial Board, as well as other experts in corresponding areas of law. Peer reviewers are required to have a publication relevant in topic to an article under review within the last 3 years. If an article is returned to the author for re-writing, it will be peer reviewed again.

10. Peer reviews together with decisions of the Editorial Board will be provided by the Editorial staff to authors upon request. Copies of the peer reviews are also sent to the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science if needed.

11. Reference materials, reviews, reader letters, responses, questions, etc. are not subject to peer review.

12. For a peer review to be accepted by the Editorial Board it should be submitted within the established time line.

13. Peer review of materials submitted to the editorial staff is confidential.

14. Submissions declined after peer review are not subject to re-consideration. Other submissions by the same author shall be considered in the ordinary course.

15. A final version of an article (after editing) must be approved by an author.

16. Manuscripts will not be returned to authors.

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